Snails now instore + recipe


Who knew the humble garden snail could be so delicious!

For hundreds of years, countries throughout Europe and the Middle East have been incorporating snails into their diets. These low fat, high protein morsels have become a delicacy in French cuisine and are a popular item to order off the menu.

Its not as simple as foraging through your garden, collecting the snails and cooking them. There is a process involved in ensuring the correct species of snails are collected, along with purging them for a few days, making them safe to eat. 

At Le Petit Marche, we have done the hard work for you and now have snails conveniently ready for you to cook and enjoy.   


Julien’s recipe for the perfect snail:


250gm butter – take out of fridge 1hr prior

1 eshallots

½ bunch parsley with stalks

2 cloves of garlic

tsp black pepper

Splash of dry white wine

½ tsp of curry powder (or any other spice you like)



* In a food processor, mix eshallots, garlic and parsley til finely chopped

* Add pepper, spices and a splash of wine

* Add butter and process til you have a beautifully blended butter

*  Place butter into piping bag and place in fridge for 5min to firm up

* Open the can of snails and rinse thoroughly

* Pipe a small portion of the butter into the shell, add the snail meat, and finish with another pipe of butter to fill the hole. 

* Once all filled, place shells into the fridge for at least an hour.

* When ready to eat – heat oven at 240 degrees, place snails on a tray and cook for 8min, or til the butter in melted and bubbling hot. 

(Note: Any butter that is left over can be stored in the freezer)

You can’t go wrong with butter, garlic and parsley!

Bon Appetit!


Le Petit Marcherecipe