Cheese Boards


We can prepare cheese boards for your special and social occasions….

Le Petit Cheese Boards

Choose your cheeses over a selection of 40 cheeses from Australia, Spain, Italia and France. All boards are coming with fresh baguette and condiments (GF Option available)

Instore prices:
• 3 cheeses $30
• 4 Cheeses $39
• 5 cheeses $45

Please enquire about cheese board prices for your events, picnics, parties, anything.

julien cheeseboard.jpg

Cured Meat Options

Most of the cured meat is made locally from NSW and Queensland from free-range animal. The ham is imported from Spain and made from a unique type of black pig who are free range and graze manly acorn and chestnut who give this unique taste. Comes with bread and pickles.

Instore prices:
• Chorizo Mild - $8/50g (approx. 25 slices)
• Lomo (Pork Loin smocked with Paprika) - $10/50g (approx. 12 slices)
• Iberico Cebo 24 Months old - $15/50g (Between 4 to 6 slices)
• Saucisson - 4 flavours include; Traditional, fennel seeds, spicy or Provencal herbs - $8/half $15/whole

Please enquire about cured meat board prices for your events, picnics, parties, anything.

Le Petit Marche